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Tagum City/Davao del Norte District

Tagum City District

(Reprinted from the PPS-DSMC 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coffee Table book)

Way back in 1970. Two doctors started the practice of Pediatrics in Tagum City, namely Drs. Teresita Bacani-Oropilla and Royce Garcia. As the doctors practicing Pediatrics grew in number so too their involvement in PPS-DSMC related activities. From 1993-1995, Dr. Elizabeth P. Derla served as President of the local Chapter.

Among the activities that were undertaken were the Bantay Dengue Tagum which was formally launched in October 2002. Art For A Cause was an annual fund raising activity jointly undertaken with Rotary Tagum. Artworks made by orphans were sold to raise funds for the children’s needs. Vitamin K deficiency Bleeding Prevention was spearheaded by PPS-DSMC Committee on Community Service and together with the Department of Pediatrics of Davao Regional Hospital, conduct awareness campaigns on the implementation of Vitamin K injection to newborns to prevent bleeding. Another important project, the “Kapitbahayan”, a community program of the Philippine Pediatric Society. Other programs include Surgical Networking Program, Annual Operation network which is an annual free cheiloplasty and palatoplasty at the Bishop Regan Memorial Hospital and medical missions especially for the Typhoon Pablo Victims.

Undeniably, the greatest contribution the members of PPS in this district has made in response to the growing health needs of the children in this community was the establishment of a pediatric residency training program at the Davao Regional Hospital.

One of the meritorious achievements of one of its members is the distinction of being the Most Outstanding Pediatrician in community Service (Dr. Fe del Mundo Award) in the person of Dr. Jim Osorio in 2005.

Currently the district has 7 fellows and 8 diplomates inclusive of the four subspecialists namely: Dr. Cleofe Llanos-Pediatric Pulmonologist; Dr. Geraldine Geralde-Pediatric Intensivist; Dr. Jocelyn Mantilla-Pediatric Cardiologist and Dr. Janelle Gazmen-Neonatologist.

Panabo District

Part of the Tagum District is the Panabo City District. About 20 years ago children of Panabo got to checked by General Practitioners. Kids usually got to line up in the clinic together with the adult patients. Then came the early Pediatricians Dr. Zenaida Rosario Rivera and Dr. Caballes. Dr. Zeny is the wife of Dr. Ramon Rivera who owns Rivera Hospital. Dr. Caballes is also part of the Somoso Hospital corporation. So when it started it was like one Pediatrician per hospital.

Around 2001 Dr. Richard T. Mata came to practice in Panabo. He also became the only Pediatrician of a 3rd hospital, the Panabo Polymedic Hospital around 2004, Dr. Herminegeldo H. Mangmang, Jr. came to practice in Rivera Hospital together with Dr. Jetty Jet R. Lu. After a few month, Dr. Lu decided to focus on his clinic in Davao while Dr, Mangmang continued and also found a team of Doctors and built a clinic called Polyclinic at New Pandan, Panabo City.

Dr. Flor Colon-Murillo is a true blooded Panaboan, so after her training in San Pedro Hospital she then started a clinic inside Rivera Hospital.

Around 2009, the well known OB-Gyne, Dr. Sonia Mellomida-Macrohon decided to build her own hospital named Good Shepherd Hospital at the Panabo Highway. This became an opening for more Pediatricians to come and so Dr. Ma. Marion B. Bosquit and Dr. Janice U. Escudero opened their clinics there to cater the growing public.

On the other hand, Dr. Olga P. Lobaton who is also a Panaboan and Dr. Rhea Dolor Brillantes were invited by Dr. Mata to join the Pediatric staff of Panabo Polymedic Hospital as it has expanded to be a tertiary hospital last 2012.

Well it is clearly sure that the Pediatric family in Panabo is far from stopping. Panabo is a fast improving City and no society can prosper if their healthcare is not optimal. So thank God for these Pediatricians who decided to dedicate their services to the Panaboans.